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  • BFP or Blind Faith Program – The Blind Faith Program is an analytical program which provides a technical countermeasures profile for targets of investigative interest to the FBI. These profiles assess the technical sophistication of the intelligence service of a particular target in order to determine its capability to detect and/or nullify technical attacks directed against it.
    • Awareness of a target’s capabilities prior to a technical installation permits the selection of technologies appropriate to the level of sophistication of that target, thereby conserving resources.
    • The program reports the results of its analysis in the form of a Blind Faith report, which details and describes the technical sophistication of the target.
    • The Blind Faith Program may be used in Assessments and Predicated Investigations.The Blind Faith Program is operated by the Operational Technology Division, Technical Operations Coordination Unit, Technical Evaluation Office (TEO).
      I know this as (potentially), “The Predictor.”
  • BOP Bureau of Prisons
  • BSA Bank Secrecy Act
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