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  • fuzzbuster

    Multithreaded URL fuzzer and directory buster (i.e. subdomains, queries, directories, vhosts, and subdomains).

  • Active Directory samaccountname

    C# Enumerate Active Directory Users (samaccountname) from a non-domain system.

  • Encrypted Message

    Using the "cryptography" library allows us to encrypt the messages between the bidirectional client/server socket.

  • Python Socket (Bidirectional)

    These two scripts (client and server) demonstrate a simple method to utilize the Python Sockets library for bi-directional communication.

  • Spin Content with Python
  • Wordpress Penetration Testing

    wpnuker is an assortment of tools in continual development that involve the assessment of a Wordpress blog.

  • Scrape Google SERPs

    This script parses the first page of the Google Search Engine Results Page.

  • Scrape Pastebin Python

    This technique scrapes the "archive" section of Pastebin and generates a folder full of downloaded, raw, Pastebin posts which can be read or grep searched, etc.

  • hashlib

    This code calculates either an MD5 and or SHA256 hash of a file and then returns one or more values.

  • FBI Seal -

    WITT Wireless Intercept Tracking Technology

  • - PwnKit

    Qualys security researchers have been able to independently verify the vulnerability, develop an exploit, and obtain full root privileges on default installations of Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and CentOS.

  • - the grugq

    A short video exploring how the understanding of "cyberwar" is held back by debating whether it is war or not war. The discussion might be fun, but it is not important to understanding cyber conflict.

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